lunedì, settembre 21, 2009

26/09/2009 Charlie P & Willy Styles @ TOMBOY, Osaka

Men 2500 yen w 2 drinks / Woman 2000 yen w 2 drinks
sabato 26 settembre 2009 alle ore 23.20
domenica 27 settembre 2009 alle ore 5.20
ABC Garden Building 4-8 Soemoncho Chuo-ku
Osaka, Japan

giovedì, settembre 10, 2009

[LIVE] 19/09 /2009Kansai Music Conference @ TOMBOY Club, Shinsaibashi, Osaka

"What is KMC?"
The first ever Kansai Music Conference (KMC) is a global event with independent artists from over 13 countries on 5 continents coming together to share varying styles of music with Japanese music fans. KMC represents an ever increasing outreach from Japan to the global community.
On September 19th and 20th Osaka will host people from different parts of the world gathering at Convention Room AP Osaka during the day for workshops, and presentations, and during the evening for live musical performances at venues around the city.
Charlie P+Willy Styles+Dj Seeb gonna perform on the 19th @ TOMBOY Club in Shinsaibashi:
TOMBOY Showcase Artists
LOCATION: Shinsaibashi
ADMISSION: KMC Pass+¥500 drink chrg. or¥3000(1 drink incl.)
KMC passes will NOT be available for purchase at this venue
Beatfabrikators, Location Location, DJ Seeb Charlie P & Willy Styles, Ehm, Legrand, Jack Radics and more....
OPEN: 18:00 START: 22:00

martedì, settembre 08, 2009

Everyday I'm hustlin'

left to right: RYU-JA, AC-One, Dj Seeb, Charlie P
Yesterday I was in the studio with RYU-JA of NITEMEN. We did magic, you better believe!
Just to do some name droppin', RYU-JA is a young producer who already worked with major artists such as Zeebra (#1 hip hop artist in Japan), Doberman Inc, Emi Maria and many more.
NITEMEN (RYU-JA, Moggy, Macko, Youngshim, L&J, AC-One, Tramp and many more) is the most active crew in Osaka speaking about shows, events ( Onzieme, club Pure etc.) and releases.You better check their myspace pages and youtube accounts ;)

Here some joints produced by RYU-JA, enjoy!

Song of the day: Doberman Inc - Generation (Exile Generation ending theme) prod. by RYU-JA

sabato, settembre 05, 2009

Summer is almost over

 Kyoto, August 09

It's still super hot in here, humidity grade is always high but this doesn't mean I can't be always creative and productive!

Me, Willy Styles and DJ $hin finished to record our project together a couple of weeks ago so by the time we finish mixing and mastering process I might leak something. You can already listen to some of the tunes in the videos I put preaviously.

But it's not over, I just started a new project...stay tuned cause in the next weeks I'll keep you updated with some exclusive stuff ;)

Congrats to Nicolay, who's one of the best producers out there imho, cause his new instrumental album is about to drop. The 1st one was crazy, I always wanted to record a couple of joints over it but I was too shy to ask him the permission to use his beats :P
U can dwnld for free the 1st single "Lose your way" from here . The lyrics r written by Phonte of Little Brother/Foreign Exchange and the track is great.
If he did Shibuya I might do Namba, or maybe Shinsaibashi ;)


Song of the day: Nicolay feat. Carlitta Durand - "Lose your way" (from "City Lights vol.2: Shibuya")